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The Division of Digital Learning and Media Design at Governors State University has been a pioneer in distance education for nearly 30 years. During that time, Emmy award winning producers and directors have expanded the frontiers of educational media. GSU was the first institution to develop and use the “Teleclass,” a unique method of instruction that weaves lecture, student interaction, discussion and location filming together in a media rich learning environment.

GSU’s production teams traveled the world to construct video documentaries of events and phenomena, interview experts renowned in their fields and edit features on important issues from beyond the classroom. Artists and educators in the Division have also created award-winning national teleconferences, public affairs shows, and multimedia courseware and GSU is the first upper Division University to produce its educational courseware in High Definition video. Partners include the American Psychological Association, The Child Welfare League of America, The Ringing Rocks Foundation, Allyn & Bacon Publishers, and many others.

To learn more about GSU Digital Learning and our impressive line-up of multimedia, online, and telecourses, as well as review licensing rights, or request a course preview copy, visit our website at www.digitallearning.govst.edu or E-mail us at digitallearning@govst.edu.

Jon M. Tullos   
Video Producer/Director
(708) 235-7379

E-mail: jtullos@govst.edu


Charles Nolley   

E-mail: cnolley@govst.edu


Mark Kundla   
Media Director

E-mail: mkundla@govst.edu


Josh Young  
Program Developer

E-mail: jyoung4@govst.edu


Ann Y. Needham   
Graphic Designer III

E-mail: aneedham@govst.edu


Ziaja, Amanda   
Digital Design Specialist

E-mail: aziaja@govst.edu


Victoria Lloyd   
Business Operations Coordinator

E-mail: vlloyd@govst.edu


Aenglan Kim   
Multimedia Instructional Technologist

E-mail: akim@govst.edu


Kim Brown   
TV & Media Production Producer/Director

E-mail: kimbrown042@gmail.com


Heather Penn  
Digital Media systems Developer

E-mail: hpenn@govst.edu